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Animus Omega : the new frontier of genetic memory

In a recent interview, Darby McDevitt, leader Script Writer of ACIVBF, explained how the Animus work without Desmond Miles, introducing a rather interesting gimmick: the Animus Omega.
This new trinket opens new horizons to understand some nebulous passages of the last installment ACIII, especially the ending and what happened immediately after the events of 21/12/2012.

Speculative image based on concept created by our good fellow Simone
Going again through part of the interview: “At the end of Assassin's Creed III, by picking up the Pivots, we synchronize Desmond genetic data on the Cloud.
The above mentioned Cloud is a large database dedicated to companies working together with Abstergo Entertainment, this database is defined by McDevitt as "Animus Omega".
Desmond’s DNA is in the hands of Abstergo since a year and is used to allow anyone to use his genetic memories.

What we are facing in ACIII in the minutes following the narrative ending (note: narrative ending, not gameplay ending) is an event closely linked to present day events in ACIVBF and shows a Abstergo employee grappling with the tracking of Desmond’s genetic memories then to be saved on a Cloud system.
Cloud technology was created in recent years and reckons on a network of devices connected to a shared database, thus obviating the limit of the local consultation of certain information stored on a device rather than another. In the world of Assassin's Creed, this shared database corresponds to Animus Omega, a core shared by different workstations that draw from it every time they need to access the data.

In this way various pieces of this temporal jigsaw find their place and some assumptions become consolidated: Desmond died on 21/12/2012 at 00:07, that same day, at 15:03, his body was recovered by Abstergo and subjected to further analysis, the mnemonic tracking will be successful and the data collected will be entered into the Animus Omega. This new piece of the jigsaw cements and expands what we already wrote in our report on the Producer Tour diary and in the article on the Lazarus Factor.

There's more: the combination of words “Pivots” and “Omega” does not seem to be random. Those who have tried searching for these marks have noticed that every Pivot is named after a letter of the greek alphabet: Epsilon, Eta, Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Omicron, Rho, Sigma, Tau, Theta, Upsilon, Zeta.
There is therefore already a stylistic parallelism between these two details. The similarities continue, particularly at the end of this tracking process, when we hear an enthusiastic employee celebrating the successful tracking, you can read interesting details .

Connecting to 5523C23D2553 - SOURCE \ ANIMUS.ACO Extracting core . - Linking to Cloud.ASP.Server01
The words that you can fleetingly read during this event are illuminating: the employee is accessing the memories of Desmond to then insert them into the Cloud. The SOURCE\ANIMUS with .ACO extension, in light of the details released by McDevitt, is likely to be translated as a datasource from Animus Core Omega.
What in the first line seems to be a harmless serial number 5523C23D2553, is actually an encrypted message in Base 64, which in turn needs to be decrypted via Caesar Cypher in -1, from which we get the latin word Uroborus. Ouroboros, the snake that eats itself by biting its tail is the primeval symbol of cyclicality, in this context is not to be attributed to any metaphorical parallelism, but finds a very material explanation that we can dredge up from 201, year of release of Assassin's Creed Revelations .

In the months prior to the release of the last chapter dedicated to Ezio Auditore , at the end of the E3 Demo of ACR some strings of code were quickly passing, which the user twenty_glyphs of the Ubisoft forum recognized as encrypted messages, which are also in Base 64 as that of ACIII. Each of those strings took up a memory of Desmond who retraced his memories of life.

source \ S17.anima.06102001.SVJlbWVtYmVy - iRemember
source \ S17.anima.21032002.QmxhY2tIaWxscw == - Blackhills
source \ S17.anima.16030002.V29vZFNtb2tl - woodsmoke
source \ S17.anima.08212002.TW90aGVyU2Fk - MotherSad
source \ S17.anima.08212002.RmF0aGVyTWFk - FatherMad
source \ S17.anima.22072002.Tm90aGluZ0lzVHJ1ZQ == - NothingIsTrue
source \ S17.anima.22072002.RXZlcnl0aGluZ0lzUGVybWl0dGVk = - EverythingIsPermitted
source \ S17.anima.04022003.Qm9yZWRPZldhclN0b3JpZXM = - BoredOfWarStories
source \ S17.anima.30082003.UGFpbktpbGxlcnM = - Painkillers
source \ S17.anima.23082003.RmFjZXNJblN0b25l - FacesInStone
source \ S17.anima.16082003.RXNjYXBl - Escape
source \ S17.anima.23082003.V2hhdElzVGhpc1BsYWNl - WhatIsThisPlace
source \ S17.anima.16052003.Q2hpY2Fnb0dpcmxz - ChicagoGirls
source \ S17.anima.27082003.Tm90RmFyRW5vdWdo - NotFarEnough
source \ S17.anima.14082004.MTJUbzY = - 12To6
source \ S17.anima.11032004.VGhleVdpbGxGaW5kTWU = - TheyWillFindMe
source \ S17.anima.03032005.SnVzdEFDdWx0 ! == Q - JustACult
source \ S17.anima.16082005.V0hFUkVBUkVZT1Uh - WHEREAREYOU!
source \ S17.anima.16082008.U29NdWNoTm9pc2U = - SoMuchNoise
source \ S17.anima.12062008.Q0FMTEhPTUUh - CALLHOME!
source \ S17.anima.16022009.VGhlRXZlcnl0aGluZ0NpdHk = - TheEverythingCity
source \ S17.anima.04022011.SnVzdEFkZEdpbg == - JustAddGin
source \ S17.anima.17092011.VGhlSk1a - TheJMZ
source \ S16.anima.08082012.SSBBbSBOb3QgQWxpdmU = - I Am Not Alive
source \ S17.anima.09082012.QmFkV2VhdGhlcg == - the bad weather
source \ S17.anima.10082012.TmluZVllYXJzQWxvbmU = - NineYearsAlone
source \ S17.anima.17092012.QXJlWW91RGVzbW9uZE1pbGVzPw == - AreYouDesmondMiles?
source \ S17.anima.19092012.QmFzdGFyZHMh - Bastards!

The most perspicacious will already know where I'm driving at. What connection between Desmond and the Ouroboros? The symbol of cyclicality is carved both in the key left to him as an inheritance by Connor and on the door of the Great Temple that separates him from the biometric device that he will touch to save the world while losing his life.

What is happening with the events related to the Cloud is therefore not limited to the extraction of the memories of the ancestors of Desmond Miles, but it’s linked to his more immediate memories. From this come the Pivots, which are nothing more than a way to by-pass the uncomfortable problem of a dead subject of analysis, it is therefore likely that Abstergo has become aware of the memories related to the Kenways by rummaging in the memories experienced first hand by Desmond .

Since we have to add the data collected from ACIII to the list above, we get a new string:

SOURCE \ ANIMUS.ACO.21122012 *.5523C23D2553 - Uroborus

data-source containing all sensitive information that Abstergo has not been able to collect during the events of ACIII. In fact please remember that, after the events of AC Brotherhood and the death of Lucy (who one year ago died on yesterday's date as a duplicitous bitch), Project Siren foundered and Vidic could no longer receive information through the double agent Stillman, therefore Abstergo has remained unaware of what happened afterwards.

* The serial number 21 12 2012 is speculative and based on the old strings of ACR, which contained significant dates for each event linked to Desmond's life. For example, please note 08 08 2012 is the date of death of Clay Kaczmarek.

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